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I am a married 42 year old Cali girl living in Texas. I spend my time working on my websites and creating graphics, as a hobby of mine. I am a chill kind of person and don't really like being where it's too "people-y". I dabble a bit of crochet and knit but haven't done anything recent. In fact, I still have unfinished projects ;]


I enjoy working on my websites. I offer different content in each, to keep things varied. It is probably silly to have separate websites and try to maintain them all but I don't want to jam them into one - well, atleast maybe not now. And the crazy part, I've had plans to make other websites. I have had them in "the works" since the mid-late 2000's!! Even created a sub-domain for them, back then. From the 2 ideas, I have finally gotten one up and running. An all glitters (glitterfills, names, letter sets etc...) related website, which you will see linked below. The other one was for a latino related graphics and glitters website. I have some content made up for it (old stuff by now) but I think I won't pursue this website idea anymore. It is just too much too keep up and I already offer some glitters in Spanish here ;]



Randy ; APBTs (and other doggies too!); All colors (but secretly love Aqua more than all *sssh*); glitter graphics; Dean Koontz books; GTA V, Silent Hill, Tekken 3, & Raiden Project; classic Tenchi Muyo; enjoy all kinds of music; old school kung fu movies, The Three Stooges, The X-Files, Fraiser; raspberry & peach iced teas, pasta, cake! +


Anything Taylor Swift, today's cRap music (love the old school stuff!), bachata, salsa, narco-rridos; reality shows, MTV; smokers, heavy drinkers, vulgar people & vocabulary; filter apps that change your appearance to look "better" than you do IRL!! +

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