Websites I Own/Co-Own

I enjoy working on my websites. To keep things varied, I offer different content in each. It is probably silly to have separate websites and try to maintain them all but I don't want to jam them into one - well, atleast maybe not now. And the crazy part, I still have two other websites in mind to create! Well, I have had them in "the works" since the mid-late 2000's!! They do have a sub-domain created and all but I never got the chance to get the websites going, unfortunately. What type of websites are they, you may ask? Well, an all glitters (glitterfills, names, letter sets etc...) related website and a latino related graphics and glitters website (um, not sure if I will even make this one happen). I have content made up for them but who knows when I will begin working on them again.

Silent Devotion is a doll themed website. You can find HUNDREDS of cartoon dolls as well as things to decorate your web pages or even your e-mails.

Dollie Websites United is a fanlisting I created out of the love for cartoon dollies and websites. Back in the early 2000s, there were HUNDREDS of cartoon dollie and graphic themed websites! My website, SD is one of them. And I will try to keep it going for as long as possible. There are a rare thing nowadays. Ever since the MySpace scene, they began to die down and a new breed of websites were created (glitter graphics, comment tags and layouts themed).

The Princess Chateâu is a girly princess cutesy graphics website. It is the creation of a long time internet friend, June. She and I co-owned another website before it called Let Them Eat Cake. It was targeted to the MySpace world. TPC was the next chapter in its creation. It is active and I try to maintain it as often as possible.

Silent Devotfion Forum is a free Proboards.Com hosted forum. It was created as an extention to SD. It is no longer active but it still exists (users must sign up to view forum boards). In it, members and yours truly, used to offer requests and we shared to our heart's content.

Sensual Dolls is an adult tag (name graphics) themed website. It was started off by a long time internet friend, Renee. She, Kimber (another wonderful tag artist and doller) and I co-owned it. The website is still around but it is no longer updated. There is still some viewable and downloadable content.

Latina-Kiss.Com Fanlisting is a little something I did to show love for Prissy and her website that offered all latino graphics. It was a very popular MySpace targeted website. Sadly, it is no longer around.

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