Blue Butterfly Signature Maker : akaFrivolity Font

How To Use

1) Select background color by clicking on the color palette icon.
2) Double-click on the letters and butterflies of choice.
3) Arrange them to your liking in the build area (letters and butterflies will overlap in order they are clicked). Right-click on item to delete it or to bring item to top.
4) When done, Print Screen and paste it into MS Paint, or in whatever graphics program you may have. Edit to your liking and voila! Choosing the script's "Save & Download" is not suggested because it will save your signature with whole build area space (649x349).

Do not redistribute any graphics you create with my maker and do not claim them as your own. Please link back to Thank you.

Maker Information

Drag and Drop Doll Maker Code from All items have been made by Karla "Silent Eyez" and are property of STnet. Direct linking to any of my pages is prohibited.