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Please take a moment to read the following requirements for applying and only apply if applications are Open. Thank you.

 o0. All websites and pages are welcomed ie. domain, hosted, group, forum, social network, blogs, etc.

 o1. Website must offer content similar to mine ie. backgrounds, dolls, glitters, graphics, etc. or offer goods and services my visitors may be interested in.

 o2. Website must not contain extreme vulgarity, obscene or tasteless content ie. graphics with badwords and/or sexual innuendo, racism, etc.

 o3. Website must not contain or offer any stolen content. Adopted content is okay but it must be kept to an absolute minimum. Try to have some original content.

 o4. I do not require that you stay in touch regularly. I understand that there is a Life outside of the WWW. I am not always able to update and whatnot so it would not be fair to you all.

 o5. I have the right to refuse any applications. Please do not take it in offense or be rude to me for not accepting your website.

If your website abides by these and if you are interested in affiliating with me, please email your information to silenteyez (at) hellokitty (dot) com or feel free to use the Cbox. Be sure to use/keep "STnet Affie Application" as the subject line, otherwise your e-mail will be disregarded, deleted and/or marked as sp@m. Please include your name, website description, URL (link) and link code (if you have a button/banner).

Thank you for reading and for your interest ^-~

~ Silent Eyez ~

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