Terms of Use

Every website needs to have a rules or terms of use page. It is essential for all visitors to know what and how things are to be used. Please read the below carefully. Thank you.
~ The Silent Eyez ~

All of the graphics offered on Silent Tears were made and/or assembled by Karla "Silent Eyez" and Maria "Lady Blue" (unless otherwise stated). Therefore, a link back and credit must be given to Silentears.Net.

You may use our content for personal use (profile, blog, e-mail, messenger, computer desktop etc.) or on websites, forums ...etc.

Our creations must never be altered or renamed, unless otherwise stated on page(s). If stated that you may, you may edit the item(s) to suit your creating needs.

Nothing found on this website should be direct linked. Unless there is a code provided for the item(s). When right clicking on the image/graphic of choice, you must select "Save As" (or something similar). If you do not understand what direct linking (or hot linking) means, then you shouldn't be taking people's graphics in the first place. To learn about what direct linking is, conduct a websearch for it. Need an image host? Try TinyPic!

Do not redistribute our content in any way, shape or form. For example, your website(s), blogs/diaries, forums/message boards, groups, collections/galleries (including disks, zips etc.), passed around in e-mails or submitted to websites.

You may create content with our resources (templates, bases, ... etc) to be redistributed on your website (or whatever have you) or offered as requests but you may not redistribute any of our content "as is".

If you offer requests with our resources, you must place a link back to us in your credits page or on the same page your creations are being offered in.

Our content is not to be used commercially (monetary gain/sell for profit) without our permission (there is a fee). Keep in mind some items will not be allowed for such use.

If you have problems following our terms, do not bother visiting again. These terms are here for a reason: to be followed. Have any questions regarding these terms? Feel free to e-mail us.

*Note* We have the right to change our terms at any time without notice.

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