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Originally posted: February 7th, 2O16
[insert excited teenage girl scream here] Oh yes! I was a NKOTB fan back in my junior high school days but I wasn't like the hardcore fan like some girls were. I had a crush on Danny ha ha! Nowadays, Donnie and Mark (the brothers) are my yumsicles ha ha! And for those that didn't know, Mark (of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) was originally a NKOTB. Now, let me stop typing so you can stop reading and get to watching the video. Have fun!

Originally posted: January 24th, 2O16
This song takes me back to my childhood. We have a 45 of this single (45 you say? lol it is a small record, you know like an LP) and we played this all of the time. "Gloria" was originally recorded in Italian in 1979 and was remade for Laura Branigan's 1984 debut album, Self Control. Thank you songfacts!


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