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Dazzle Doll

*Request limit: 1*

This dazzling sig tag can be personalized with your name. Head, eye color and skintone changes can be made. Light (as shown), medium and dark skintones available.

Choose your head: JulieC 1 | Kimber 1 | Kimber 2
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Doll head by: JulieC
Doll body by: Kimber
Sparkle fill by: A-Lyts

E-mail your request through the link or copy and paste form below into your e-mail. Send to silenteyez AT hellokitty DOT com

-:- Sensual Dolls Sig Request -:-
~* D A Z Z L E *~
Head# & Artist: personal heads can be attached in request e-mail
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:

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