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Requesting Rules & Terms

There are few things I'd like for you to keep in mind. This is to make things a lot easier for you and most of all, for me. If you have a problem with the rules and do not wish to follow them, please exit my section now. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to request away. ^-^

1. Please make sure to state the *head*, name, and colors you would like on your request (unless otherwise specified). Not doing so will result in your request being disregarded. Some doll heads will not look great on all doll bodies due to size but I will do my best to make it pretty as possible. *You may send your personal head to be used in place of those offered here*

2. Skintone edits available only where stated. They are usually only Caucasian and African American (or known as "light" and "dark").

3. The request limit for each sig tag offer is listed in the page. After you have received your request(s), you may submit another request(s). Up to two separate request submissions will be accepted. *Please do not abuse of your requesting privileges*

4. Finished request may look slightly different from example shown. This is due to updated design or simply because I forgot how I made it *lol* If I have overlooked something on your request (say I misspelled your name, used wrong head ...etc), you may ask for a redo (nicely, of coarse).

5. You must leave the graphic in tact. No alterations are permitted (resizing, recoloring...etc). Please do not claim the creation as your own.

6. Always link back and give proper credit. And don't forget to say "Thank you" ^-~

7. Finished request(s) will be sent from my personal e-mail account (silenteyez77 at gmail dot com or silenteyez at hellokitty dot com). Let me know you have received your request by replying to my e-mail, otherwise, I will think you never received it or you are not a thankful person. If the latter, I will no longer grant any future requests from you.

At this time, I am only taking requests by e-mail. Sorry for the inconvenience. ^-^

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